Accepted Employers

1 A. H. Brothers Pvt Ltd
2 Addu International Airport Pvt. Ltd
3 Addu Investment Pvt Ltd
4 Aequitas Legal Consultants (LLP)
5 AH & Associates LLP
6 Al.Madhrasathul Arabiyyathul Islamiyya (Arabiyya School)
7 Alia Investment Pvt Ltd
8 Allied Insurance of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd
9 Amin Construction Pvt. Ltd
10 Anti- Corruption Commission
11 Ask Holdings Pvt. Ltd
12 Attorney General's Office
13 Auditor General's Office
14 Auto Parts Galore
15 Aviation Security Command
16 Big Sea Maldives Pvt. Ltd
17 Bright Brothers Pvt Ltd
18 Broadcasting Maldives Pvt. Ltf
19 Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA)
20 Centre for Community Health and Disease Control (CCHDC)
21 Centre for the Holy Quran
22 Civil Court
23 Civil Service Commission
24 College of Islamic Studies
25 Criminal Court
26 Damas Company Pvt. Ltf
27 DataVision Computers Pvt. Ltd
28 Department of Higher Education
29 Department of Immigration and Emmigration
30 Department of Judicial Administration (Magistrate Courts Included)
31 Department of National Planning
32 Department of National Registration
33 Department of Penitentiary & Rehabilitation Center
34 Department of Public Examination
35 Dharumavantha School
36 DhiIslam
37 Dhivehi Rajjeyge Gulhun Plc. Ltd.
38 Dhondhooni Little Learners Pre School
39 Drug Court
40 Ell Maldives Pvt. Ltd.
41 Employment Tribunal
42 Environmental Protection Agency
43 Eyecare Pvt. Ltd
44 Faffu Atoll School
45 FALIM Group Pvt Ltd
46 Family Court
47 Fantasy Private Limited
48 Felivaru Fisheries Maldives Limited
49 Fenaka Corporation Limited
50 Focus Computers Pvt. Ltf
51 Focus Infocom Pvt. Ltd
52 FORMAX Pvt. Ltd
53 Free Guys Holdings Pvt Ltd
54 Fuel Supplies Maldives Pvt. Ltd
55 Ghaazee School/ Hulhumale
56 Global Links Pvt. Ltd
57 Hai Investment Pvt Ltd
58 Haveeru Daily
59 High Court
60 Himmafushi School
61 Hira School
62 Hithadhoo Port Limited
63 Housing Development Corporation Ltd
64 Human Rights Commission of the Maldives
65 Ilaa Maldives Pvt Ltd
66 Imaduddin School
67 Iskandhar School
68 Island Aviation Services Limited
69 Islanders Maldives Pvt. Ltd
70 Jamaluddin School
71 Judicial Service Commission
72 Juvenile Court
73 Kalaafaanu School
74 Kinder Pre School
75 Lh. Atoll Hospital/ Naifaru
76 Lintel Investments & Management Services Pvt Ltd
77 Local Government Authority
78 Maldive Gas Pvt. Ltd
79 Maldives Airports Company Limited
80 Maldives Broadcasting Commission
81 Public Service Media
82 Maldives Civil Aviation Authority
83 Maldives Customs Services
84 Maldives Food & Drug Authority
85 Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Ltd
86 Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA)
87 Maldives Media Company
88 Maldives Media Council
89 Maldives Meteorological Service
90 Maldives Monetary Authority
91 Maldives National University
92 Maldives Pension Administration office
93 Maldives Police Service
94 Maldives Polytechnic
95 Maldives Port Limited
96 Maldives Post Limited
97 Maldives Road Development Corporation Limited
98 Maldives Transport And Contracting Company PLC (MTCC)
99 Male' Water And Sewerage Company Pvt. Ltd
100 Maps Maldives Pvt Ltd
101 Mega Global Air Services Pvt. Ltd
102 Ministry of Defence And National Security
103 Ministry of Economic Development
104 Ministry of Education
105 Ministry of Environment And Energy
106 Ministry of Finance And Treasury
107 Ministry of Fisheries And Agriculture
108 Ministry of Foreign Affairs
109 Ministry of Health And Gender (Atoll Hospitals, Atoll Health Centres, IGMH Atoll Health Posts, Maldivian Blood Services Included)
110 Ministry of Home Affairs
111 Ministry of Housing And Infrastructure
112 Ministry of Human Resource, Youth And Sports
113 Ministry of Islamic Affairs
114 Ministry of Tourism, Arts And Culture
115 Ministry of Transport And Communication
116 Muhyiddin School
117 Muni Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
118 National Archives of Maldives
119 National Bureau of Classification
120 National Centre For Information Technology
121 National Centre for the Arts
122 National Disaster Management Centre
123 National Drug Agency
124 National Social Protection Agency
125 Official Residence of the President
126 Ooredoo Maldives Pvt Ltd (Formerly: Wataniya)
127 People's Majilis
128 Police Intergrity Commission
129 Prosecutor General's Ilffice
130 Public Works Services
131 Rainbow Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
132 Rasheed Carpentary and Construction Pvt Ltd
133 Reefside Company Pvt. Ltd
134 Riyan Pte. Ltd.
135 Roseware Corporation Pvt. Ltd
136 Secratariat of the Vaadhoo Council
137 Secratariate of Male' City Council
138 Secretariat of Faaf Atoll Council (Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburee Atholhu Council)
139 Secretariat of Faaf Biledhdhoo Council
140 Secretariat of Feeali Council
141 Secretariat of Felidheatholhu Keyodhoo Council
142 Secretariat of Fodhdhoo Council
143 Secretariat of Guraidhoo Council
144 Secretariat of Hadhdhunmathi Atoll Council
145 Secretariat of Innamaadhoo Council
146 Secretariat of Maamigili Council
147 Secretariat of Maroshi Council
148 Secretariat of Naifaru Council
149 Secretariat of North Huvadhu Atoll Dhevvadhoo Council 
150 Secretariat of North Miladhunmadulu Atoll Council
151 Secretariat of Omadhoo Council
152 Secretariat of Raa Atoll Council
153 Secretariat of South Ari Atoll Kunburudhoo Council
154 Secretariat of The Addu City Council
155 Secretariat of the Alifushi Council
156 Secretariat of the Dhiggaru Council
157 Secretariat of the Fodhdhoo Council
158 Secretariat of the Gaafaru Council
159 Secretariat of The Gdh Hoandedhdhoo Council
160 Secretariat of the Hoarafushi Council
161 Secretariat of the Huraa Council
162 Secretariat of the Maduvvaree Council
163 Secretariat of The Male’ Atoll Council
164 Secretariat of the Meedhoo Council
165 Secretariat of the Mulak Council
166 Secretariat of the Mulakatholhu Atoll Council
167 Secretariat of The Mulaku Atoll Council
168 Secretariat of the North Ari Atholhu Atoll Council
169 Secretariat of The Rasmaadhoo Council
170 Secretariat of the South Ari Atholhu Atoll Council
171 Secretariat of The South Huvadhu Atoll Council
172 Secretariat of the Veyvah Council
173 Secretariat of the Vilufushi Council
174 Secretariat of Thoddoo Council
175 Secretariat of Ungoofaaru Council North Maalhosmadulu
176 Secretariat of V. Fulidhoo Council
177 Secretariate of Fuvahmulaku Atoll Council
178 Secretariate of GA. Nilandhoo Council
179 Secretariate of Gadhdhoo Council
180 Secretariate of Himmafushi Council
181 Secretariate of Hulhudheli Council
182 Secretariate of the Dhiffushi Council
183 Secretatriate of H.A Utheem Council
184 Seven Ocean Transport Pvt Ltd
185 Shine Learners Pre-School
186 Simdi Company Pvt Ltd
187 Sonee Hardware Private Limited
188 South Enterprises Pvt. Ltd
189 State Trading Organization PLC
191 Stellar Holdings Pvt Ltd
192 Sun Air International Private Limited
193 Sunfront Pvt Ltd
194 Supreme Court of the Maldives
195 Tax Appeal Tribunal
196 The Golden Lane Shops
197 The President's Office
198 The Secretariat of the Elections Commission
199 Thilafushi Corporation Limited
200 Transport Authority
201 Veligaa Hardware
202 Villa College
203 Villa Shipping And Trading Company Pvt. Ltd