To save time and increase efficiency, you can use F'isaATMs to request Bank Account Statements and Cheque books. They will be made available at the branch for you to collect the very next day. The Fast Cash service available in F'isaATMs provides you the flexibility of withdrawing cash instantly with minimal steps, and without the need to wait for the receipt.

To save you the trouble of making card renewal payments each year to the bank, annual fees for the F'isacard will be debited from your Primary Account  commencing from the issuance date of your F'isacard.


For security reasons, every new transaction will prompt you to enter the PIN. For every F'isacard, we do issue a four digit PIN sealed within the PIN Mailer. It is strongly recommended to change this initial PIN to your desired PIN using a F'isaATM. Cardholder must always exercise caution with the F'isacard and PIN and avoid sharing either of them with any person.

At the initial stage, F'isaATMs are available at two locations of Male' - one in the lobby of the bank's branch on Ameer Ahmed Magu, and the other in the bank's own ATM kiosk at IGMH. MIB plans to install three more ATMs at strategic locations in Male within this year to make the service more convenient and accessible to its growing customer base.