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Press Release - Launch of FaisaMobile




Launching of Maldives Islamic Bank's new mobile banking service, FaisaMobile


We are thrilled to announce the launching of FaisaMobile, our new mobile banking service. The service is provided with mobile applications on iOS and Android and are available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

FaisaMobile is the newest addition to our electronic banking services in our Faisa product line. Features of FaisaMobile include the common mobile banking features provided in the market, with enhanced and even unique features. Standard or common features include:

-         checking of account balances and account histories.

-        making transfers within a customer's own accounts, to other MIB accounts and to accounts of other local banks.

-         sharing transfer receipts.

-         favorite accounts or contacts management.

-         contacting and sending messages to the Bank.

-         viewing locations of the Bank's branches and ATMs.

-         use of PIN and biometric authentication for securing the app.

-         use of two-factor authentication to validate transactions.

Enhanced and unique features of FaisaMobile include:

      -   saving and sharing transactions in user-friendly receipt cards.

      - sorting and filtering account transactions.

      - making transfers by dragging own account and dropping on favorite accounts.

      - viewing status of cheque books and details of their cheques.

      - viewing the clearing status of cheques.

      - stopping and reporting lost cheques.

       - viewing financing facilities of the customer in detail.

In addition to mobile banking, our electronic banking products and services include internet banking (FaisaNet), payment gateway (FaisaPay), FaisaATM, FaisaPOS and FaisaPOS Cash.



Ahsan Jameel

Officer, Marketing - Maldives Islamic Bank

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