Request for Quotation (MIB-PR-RFQ/2019/5-R2) - Premise Security Service


RFQ NO.: MIB-PR-RFQ/2019/5-R2

RELEASE DATE: 12 February 2019

RFQ NAME: Premise Security Service

DUE DATE: 17 February 2019 (2:00 PM)


Maldives Islamic Bank invites reliable and experienced service providers to submit quotations for the provision of premise security services at the Bank's New Head Office.

Interested parties are requested to submit quotations as per the scope of work described below.

The security services are required at the Bank’s New Head Office at H. Medhuziyaraidhoshuge, Medhuziyaarai Magu, Malé, Maldives. The scope of services include the following.

- The service must be provided on a 24-hour basis.

- Trained security guards must be posted in specified locations of the building during these hours.

- Office hours (8:00 AM - 4:30 PM): 3 security guards, 2 in ground floor and 1 in first floor

- Off hours (4:31 PM - 7:59 AM): 2 security guards in ground floor

- Security guards must be personnel of high calibre and repute, physically and mentally capable of carrying out the required duties and responsibilities.

- Security guards must not have any criminal records.

- Security guards must be equipped with flash lights and mobile phones in working condition.

- While on duty, security guards are expected to break up minor disputes, confrontation and verbal and physical assaults.

- Security guards must ensure that no persons enter or leave the building by any way other than the specified entrances/exits. If attempts are made against this, it must be stopped.

- The service provider must supervise the security guards to make sure their duties are carried out accordingly.



Quotations submitted in response to this RFQ should contain the following information.

- Price of the quoted items in Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR).

- Prices should be given per item and in total, where applicable.

  - Quantity of items quoted.

Quotations submitted in response to this RFQ may be submitted in in sealed packages (with the name of the proposer, RFQ number, RFQ name and the word "CONFIDENTIAL" clearly labelled on the outside of the package) or via email to Quotations must be submitted address on or before 2:00 PM on Sunday, 17th February 2019.

- Submittal Address

Corporate Support, Maldives Islamic Bank

4th Floor, H. Medhuziyaaraiydhoshuge, 20097 Medhuziyaaraiy Magu, Male' City, Maldives

- Email Address



All quotations will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

- Price (80%)


Price will be evaluated based on the lowest price proposed, i.e., the quotation with the lowest price will score the highest and maximum score of 80% while the remaining will be given scores relative to the lowest price.


- Experience (20%)


Experience will be evaluated based on the stability of the business and completion of similar projects in the past. The following supporting documents must be submitted with the quotation.

- Company profile (with business registration)

- Reference letters of similar projects completed/ongoing



1.      All quotations must be submitted before the submission deadline specified in this RFQ. Quotations submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

2.      Quotations submitted in response to this RFQ should be valid for a minimum period of 60 (sixty) days from the date of submission.

3.      The Bank may add to or remove items from the scope of this RFQ before placing the order.