Request for Quotation (MIB-PR-RFQ/2019/9) - Supply of CheckPoint Subscription [CANCELLATION]



RFQ NO.: MIB-PR-RFQ/2019/9

RELEASE DATE: 11 February 2019

RFQ NAME: Supply of CheckPoint Subscription



We regret to inform all interested parties that this Request for Quotation has been cancelled.

The Request for Quotation (RFQ) is cancelled to revise the scope of work. It will be released again after revision of the scope. All parties who submitted a quotation in response to the RFQ will be notified once it is released again. The same would be published on our website.


For more information regarding this RFQ, please contact:


- Contact person: Nasif Jameel

- Contact number: +9609994702


Thank you