Kid's Savings Account

Develop the saving habit in your children early on. With MIB Kid's Savings Account you can gradually increase their savings while growing the funds with special profit rates.

Special Profit Rates

Grow your funds even more with special profit rates

Limited Debit Access

Protect your funds even more with restricted debit access

  • Low initial deposit of MVR 100 or USD 10

  • Hassle-free application process. Now online!

  • View detailed transactions history and account balance on internet and mobile banking

  • Attractive profit sharing ratio and semi-annual profit distribution

  • Applicant should be below 18 years old

  • Completely filled account opening & information update application Form

  • Original and a copy of National Identity Card of the child

  • Original and a copy of birth certificate (if the child is above 10 years old )

  • Original and a copy of National Identity card of Parent or Legal Guardian (Passport and Work Permit in case of expatriate)

Apply Online


Frequently Asked Questions

We operate both MVR and USD accounts.

Yes you will be charged as per the List of Bank Charges.

An account where there is no transaction created by the customer for a period of more than 2 years. 

Yes, you can open both USD and MVR investment accounts accounts

You can send a request to withdraw. Please note that based on the terms and conditions of GIA you maybe foregoing all profits by withdrawing before the maturity date. Please inquire within to find out how this affects your Investment Account.

We publish the profit rates for each month at the beginning of the subsequent month. It is updated regularly on our website.