Trade Financing

Designed to support businesses to fulfill working capital requirement on obtaining stock, our trade financing facility will assist businesses to acquire goods from local and international suppliers.

Feasible Duration

60-180 days per transaction

Revolving Facility

Limitless re-utilisation of facility

Renewed Annually

The facility will be renewed annually

Multiple Payment Methods

Applicable for LC and TT

  • Financing Rate: as per List of Bank charges 

  • Tenure: 60 – 180 days per transaction

  • Revolving facility

  • Facility renewed annually

  1. Covering letter detailing the requirement for financing

  2. Duly filled and signed Application Form

  3. Board Resolution authorizing the request for financing and stating the authorized signatories.

  4. Profile of the the business and members of key management team.

  5. Copy of Registration Certificate of the business entity.

  6. Copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (copy of the partnership agreement if a partnership)

  7. Company Profile sheet from Economic Ministry confirming company’s shareholders, directors and company secretary (not older than 10 days)

  8. D card copies of Directors / Shareholders (if shareholders are registered companies, all documents from 6 to 11 is required)

  9. Net worth statements of all Directors

  10. Financial Documents

    Last three years' Audited Financial Statements.

    Current year’s Management Accounts

    Ageing reports of Trade receivables, Trade Payables, and Inventory (as per management accounts)

  11. Projected Financials

    Income Statement Projections with detailed notes (for 1 year)

    Monthly Cashflow Projections (should be prepared using direct method)

  12. List of major customers and suppliers.

  13. Details of all suppliers applicable under this facility (template attached).

  14. Bank statements of last 06 months (other banks)

  15. MIRA Tax Clearance Report (not older than 10 days)

  16. Details of Collateral

    Registry copy

    Registry/ID card copy of owner(s)

    No objection letter (to mortgage) from owner(s), in case of third-party mortgage

    All documents should be properly stamped and signed. Additional documents may be required during evaluation process.

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