Self Service Banking

Our Self Service Banking centres located strategically across various markets will provide you access to your MVR account for cash deposit, cash withdrawal and cheque deposit too. 

We have also established a USD Self Service Banking centre in our Bazaaru Service Center in Orchid Magu, where you can deposit and withdraw USD from your account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can deposit up to MVR 200,000 or USD 12,000 daily to individual accounts using the cash deposit machines.

In general you should be able to withdraw up to MVR 25,000. However if you had given a lower limit during card creation you will be restricted to that limit. You can change your limit easily by sending a request through FaisaNet/FaisaMobile messaging.

Customers will only be able to use their VISA Platinum card to withdraw up to USD 1000 per day and USD 5000 per month using our Self Service Banking centre.

If your transaction did not go through or your money is not deposited/withdrawn as expected you will need to file a dispute, for us to quickly get it rectified. You can contact our CustomerCare Contact Center either from email [email protected], send a message via FaisaNet or call to 3325555 and your report.

You can visit the nearest ATM and set your PIN to activate your card. You can set a PIN of your choice  

You can apply from the ApplyNow portal or submit an application form to one of our branches or distribution centres