To Save

Kickstart your saving habit while keeping your money safe and within reach



Savings account for your everyday usage.



Current account for those who need cheque books

Kids Savings

Kids Savings

Savings account for children with limited debit access

Non-Resident Foreigners Account

Non-Resident Foreigners Account

Citizens of Sri Lanka and India can now open current & savings accounts at MIB.

To Grow

Designed to help you reach a specific saving goal for many of life's essential projects

Kaamiyaabu Kids

Kaamiyaabu Kids

No dream is too big with our Kaamiyaabu Kids Account with special profit sharing ratio

General Investment

General Investment

Safe and stable investment opportunity to grow your money with multiple tenures available

Hajj Savings Account

Hajj Savings Account

Let us help you save and grow your money earmarked for the Hajj Pilgrimage

Frequently Asked Questions

We operate both MVR and USD accounts.

Yes you will be charged as per the List of Bank Charges.

An account where there is no transaction created by the customer for a period of more than 2 years. 

Yes, you can open both USD and MVR investment accounts accounts

You can send a request to withdraw. Please note that based on the terms and conditions of GIA you maybe foregoing all profits by withdrawing before the maturity date. Please inquire within to find out how this affects your Investment Account.

We publish the profit rates for each month at the beginning of the subsequent month. It is updated regularly on our website.

If you are already an active MIB customer please submit an application through ApplyNow portal to open an investment account. The profit rates earned for each month is  published at the beginning of the subsequent month. You may refer to the List of Bank Charges to learn more about Profit Sharing Ratio offered to various type of accounts. 

Parents or Guardians with the mandate to operate the account can request to add the associated account to their profile in FaisaNet. Please submit your request through ApplyNow Portal.

The authorised person will need to visit the branch in order to withdraw from a kids account. You will not be able to do any transactions online for kids account

You can simply download a statement for the desired period using FaisaNet.

You can follow the process below to fetch your statement.

Accounts > Select account number > Choose the preferred date (From- To) 

No. We encourage you to use our online banking service FaisaNet and FaisaMobile to monitor your account and take statements.

We provide cheque books to the holders of current accounts only. Please note that there is a fee charged as per the List of Bank Charges for issuance of cheque books.

The same account can be transferred to the child once the child is 18 years old. Please visit the nearest branch to complete the formalities.

  • Valid ID card of the Child 

  • Valid ID card of the Parent/ Guardian who will operate the account 

  • Birth Certificate will be required for children who are above 10 years. 

  • For children under legal guardianship, official documents that show the guardianship is required 

  • A valid ID card.

  • If you are unable to sign we require a recent passport picture.

For Normal Savings and Current Accounts the following are the minimum deposit required to open the account

  • MVR 1000 for MVR accounts

  • USD 100 for USD accounts

  • Transactions initiated by our customers before 1230PM, would be sent to the beneficiary bank on the same day.

  • All funds received for the day before MMA cutoff will be credited on the same day