Explore CustomerCare Bot + Skills

Explore CustomerCare Bot + Skills

June 21, 2023 . Written by: Hussain Alim

We invite customers to try out the new CustomerCare Bot on our website. In addition to providing answers from our knowledge bank the Bot has learned some cool new skills to ease customer's digital journey with a helping hand with some special tasks.


Ujaalaa Calculator

Interact with CustomerCare Bot and get a handy estimate on your financing limits and income requirements for all Ujaalaa Financing products. It can help you figure out

  • maximum financing limit for Ujaalaa Dhiriulhun

  • income requirement for Ujaalaa Hiya home financing based on target apartment / home price

  • income requirement for Ujaalaa Ulhandhu

ApplyNow Status Tracking

Give CustomerCare Bot your ID and application reference number and it will let you know the status of your application without having to login to the ApplyNow Portal every time.

Submit CustomerCare Ticket

Have an issue that you need addressed, there is no need to wait in queue for an agent. Simply tell the bot your inquiry with your contact details and the Bot will log a ticket for you. Our Agents will work tirelessly to answer you queries and get back to you the soonest.

You will receive acknowledgement of the ticket to the email you provided.

We are burning the midnight oil teaching the Bot more new skills to enhance your digital journey with us.