Bot with AI Feature + Brand New Experience

Bot with AI Feature + Brand New Experience

May 31, 2023 . Written by: Hussain Alim

MIB launches new website with embedded BOT with Ai and a brand-new customer experience. The website is designed from ground up to be Mobile First and help customer find the information and services that they seek quickly

Modern CustomerCare Channels

The new website comes with multiple new CustomerCare channels to provide better self service support through FAQs, Guided CustomerCare Journey, Conversing with our Ai CustomerCare BOT to seek answers Chat with CustomerCare Live Agents in real time.

A CustomerCare Help Center is also now available for customers to seek answers to their queries, submit tickets, respond to tickets and more.

Smart Features

This brand new Experience is equipped with many smart features to help customers includes the ability to lodge a ticket both through CustomerCare BOT, estimating the financing limits and monthly payments for our Ujaalaa Financing (Retail Financing) facilities. 

Smoother Journey

The website has completely reimagined to reflect the needs of the modern customer who browses using their mobile devices. Customers will be able access almost all the resources related any product or service from the same page.