Non-Resident Foreigners Deposit Account

Introducing an opportunity for Non-Resident Foreigners to set up USD current and savings accounts with MIB.

  • Easy Funds Monitoring and Management:

Maldives Islamic Bank provides non-resident foreign account holders with an advanced online banking platform. This platform offers a user-friendly interface that enables convenient monitoring and management of funds held in the account. Account holders can access their accounts online, check balances, track transactions, transfer funds, and perform various banking activities with ease. The platform is integrated with SWIFT, ensuring seamless international transfers and transactions.


  • Low Annual Maintenance Fee:

The bank offers non-resident foreign account holders a competitive and affordable annual maintenance fee. The low annual maintenance fee allows account holders to enjoy the benefits and services associated with their accounts without significant financial burden.

Fee: $100 annually.


  • Digital and On-Premises Onboarding:

Maldives Islamic Bank provides multiple onboarding options for non-resident foreign account holders. Account opening and verification processes can be completed digitally, allowing individuals to open their accounts remotely from anywhere in the world. This digital onboarding process typically involves submitting necessary identification and documentation electronically.


  • Visa Platinum Card:

Account holders of the non-resident foreign accounts at MIB are eligible for a Visa Platinum card. The Visa Platinum card is a premium payment card that offers enhanced features and benefits. It provides account holders with global acceptance at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide, enabling them to make purchases and withdraw cash conveniently during their international travels. The Visa Platinum card often comes with additional perks such as PriorityPass access.



  • No Restrictions on Withdrawal:

Non-resident foreign accounts at Maldives Islamic Bank do not impose any restrictions on withdrawals. Account holders have the freedom to withdraw funds from their accounts as per their needs and preferences, without any limitations. This feature ensures that account holders can access their funds conveniently and without hassle, providing them with financial flexibility and liquidity.

  • Individual Account Opening Application form

  • Passport copy - must submit all the pages of the passport (in case a person holds dual nationality then must submit both the passport)

Note: The document(s) must be certified as true copy of the originals by a Notary. If visiting the branch it can be attested by an Officer of the Bank.

  • 1 month account statement from any other Bank account under the customer's name.

Note: The document must be original. The document must be certified as original by a Notary.

  • Passport Size Photo

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